by Aundria Woolard, Contributing Writer

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In recent months God has brought to my attention that He often has said, "Do not
fear," or "Do not be afraid."  The command to "not fear" is usually followed by some
reassurance of His presence or His command of the frightening situation. 
In our BSF lecture it was pointed out just how often He tells us not to be afraid. 
Can you guess how often? 

Scripture records 365 times!

At least once every day we can find a new reassurance from God that He is in
control and we don't need to fear.  How cool is that?!

Used by Permission, Copyright 2011 Aundria Woolard, All Rights Reserved

About Aundria Woolard :

  • Wife, mother of three
  • Multiple award-winning quilter and quilting instructor
  • Seasoned Bible study teacher, lay counselor, and loyal friend
  • Resides in Texas with her family



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