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“I only intended to start and read a few chapters, but I read the whole thing.  The book was very
moving and timely.” 
- Sandra Miller 

“It was hard to set this book aside… so many emotions swelled up inside of me. through this
inspired reading, God showed me of the generations of children who are impacted - along with
children to come - by the ungodly…. It is time to rise up and follow the guidance of God, as Sara
did, in order to be free, free at last, a healing of a generation and generations to come.”
- Virginia Garrett

"This book is a life-changing experience that you won't want to miss. It will make you stop and
think and encourage you to be all you can be through Christ. It's moving, inspiring, heart-
wrenching, powerful, encouraging, stirring."
Barb Long

"A one-of-a-kind experience; a chance to see that God really will bring beauty from pain. It's
profound, comfortable, encouraging, and intimate."
- Melissa Smith

"I felt the rise and fall of emotions. Her words drew my attention to growth through the obedience
to scripture, the depth of growth that He (God), desires for each of us."
- Anita McGill

"There's something for everyone in this book! It's a powerful testimony of God's greatness, love,
power, and work. It will open your eyes to His wonderful, specific plan for your life. It's eye-opening,
healing, truth-bringing, and just wonderful!"
- Gabriela Michlik

"This book made me want to stop making excuses and make the changes that I know God wants
me to make."
- Cheri Stump

"Sara's story gives hope for new beginnings, teaches the depth of God's love and forgiveness,
shows that He uses the bad to create the new. It's revealing, transforming, uplifting, and hopeful."

- Alicia Moore

"I just finished reading Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep: The Story of Sara. It is a powerful testimony
of redemptive love for the abused. Jen, thanks for sharing your story which echoes many women's
stories including mine." - Linda Randle


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