Biblical Qualities of a Godly Leader
From I Timothy 3:1-13, II Timothy 1:3-7, I Thessalonians 2:3-12,
Nehemiah 3, I Peter, Galatians, Proverbs, Matthew, and more....

In no particular order:

  1. Clear conscience
  2. Pure-hearted
  3. In continual prayer
  4. Looking for the needs of others
  5. Selfless; thinking of the needs of others
  6. Encouraging
  7. Motivating
  8. Inspiring
  9. Loving unconditionally
  10. Without prejudice toward others
  11. Living a life worthy of God; holy, righteous, blameless
  12. Hard working; strong work ethic, avoiding being a burden to
  13. Sincere in faith
  14. Confident in God and His power, promises, and principles
  15. Confident in who you are as a child of God
  16. Confident of the day in your life when you gave your life to Christ
  17. Confident in His call on your life in ministry
  18. Convinced of God's call, purpose for your life
  19. God-called rather than man-called
  20. Empowered by the Holy Spirit
  21. Self-disciplined
  22. Unashamed of your testimony
  23. Unafraid of suffering for the cause of Christ
  24. Humble; giving God the glory for all achievements
  25. Giving thanks in ALL things
  26. Trustworthy with God's Word
  27. Trustworthy with God's time
  28. Trustworthy with God's money
  29. Trustworthy with others
  30. God-pleasing rather than man-pleasing
  31. Not using flattery for gain
  32. Not seeking flattery / praise
  33. Not masking greed
  34. Conscience that God is witness to your heart, thoughts,
    decisions, actions 24/7
  35. Gentle; non-burdening as a task-master
  36. Caring like a mother cares for her child
  37. Disciplinarian as a loving father
  38. Filled with love for others
  39. Desirous of and happy to share the Gospel
  40. Transparent about your own life
  41. Comforting
  42. Compassionate
  43. Knowledgeable of work that needs to be accomplished
  44. Organized; able and willing to delegate
  45. Ever conscious that every person has a unique purpose
    designed by God
  46. Knowledge of workers gifts and abilities; insightful of the best
    placement of workers to particular tasks
  47. Ever respectful of others, holding them in high esteem as a
    creation of God for a distinctive purpose
  48. Ability to break down tasks into encouraging smaller ones
  49. Visionary
  50. Very knowledgeable of the Word; a continual student of the
  51. Serving in the strength of God; not in your own strength
  52. Joyful
  53. At peace; not anxious or worried, trusting in God with every
    situation and circumstance
  54. Patient
  55. Good
  56. Kind
  57. Gracious
  58. Wise
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