April 2011

an A-Z series by Jen Miller

DiscoveryQuests are purposed for your participation, when you desire.
This particular DiscoveryQuest is a series I am planning to print for
publication as a booklet with YOUR name listed in the booklet as
a contributor, if you choose to participate. 

E-Inspiration: WHO IS GOD
I began praying myself to sleep every night when I was a young girl,
desperately hoping that I would live to see adulthood, and clinging to God
and His promises and characteristics as my only life source and hope.

Today, I still pray myself to sleep many nights. 

Recently, I’ve been praying the names and attributes of God (Father /
Son / Spirit), and as many of His triune/Trinitarian characteristics I can
think of, in alphabetically order.

Why?  Well… I started doing this as a personal challenge in my prayer life,
for fun, as part of the adoration and thankfulness part of my prayer life,
knowing that God is worthy to be praised and worshiped for who He is and
ALL that He is.  Then I discovered something more…

Praying the names of God (both as Father, Son, and Spirit), with as many
attributes as I could come up with, describing who He is, has served as a
continual reminder to me of who He is FOR ME in every minute of every
day in this all-too-often wretched and difficult life.  Praying His names and
His characteristics is POWERFUL and personally transforming.  He
challenges us to be transformed in Romans 12:2 when He puts this
responsibility on us by commanding, “Be TRANSFORMED by the
RENEWING of your MIND. (NIV)” 

Now, I’m beefing up this practice of praying His names and characteristics
through the alphabet by looking for more and more nouns, pronouns, and
adjectives to add to my growing alphabetical list that accurately
describes of WHO GOD IS according to the knowledge we have from His

I want to share the growing A to Z alphabetical list with you for the benefit
of your own prayer life, and to ask you / invite you to participate as a
contributor for the booklet I will print for publication titled WHO IS GOD.

If you wish to be listed in the printed booklet as a contributor, simply
respond to any of the alphabetical WHO IS GOD e-Inspirations that I will
send, focusing on a particular letter of the alphabet each time.

Respond with as many names of God and/or attributes of God as you
would like, as often as you would like, in the form of His actual names, as
well as nouns, pronouns, and adjectives that accurately describe who He
is according to our knowledge of Him through His Word, the Bible, as our
foundational source. 

GUIDELINES:  USE ONLY American English for noun,
pronoun, and adjectives describing God’s attributes /
characteristics, and only American English, Hebrew, and
Greek for actual ‘names of God’.  For example, ”Adonai” is
the Hebrew (Old Testament) name for God meaning

To be listed as a contributor in the printed booklet, you
must include your first and last name in all email
responses participating in this A to Z series.

Resource Hint:  As well as the Word of God itself, Webster
and other ‘word’ resources offer a complete list of ALL
American English nouns, pronouns and adjectives, many
which will describe characteristics of God. Internet research
will reveal Hebrew & Greek names of God (and their
meanings) according to our primary source, The Bible. 
Examples are listed below as my starter list under the letter

NEXT PAGE is our growing list, including those who are contributing...


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