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THE REST OF THE STORY... the years following the book:

If you've read Jen's life's story (aka Sara), you know without a doubt that God has worked
MIRACLES in her life, through her willingness. God continues to fulfill His promises in her
life, promises that can be richly fulfilled in your own, simply by your choice to "Be transformed
by the renewing of your mind. (Romans 12:2)"
        Through His principles and promises, Jen has moved profoundly against human odds from
merely surviving to THRIVING through Jesus Christ. Only GOD could have pulled her from the
black pit of sin and evil and set her feet on The Rock to STAND, just as He promises in
Psalm 40:2 NIV and Ephesians 6:13 NIV. She simply had to be willing and dedicated.
        One can't fully appreciate GOD's intimacy, power, and miracles in Jen's death-trap life without
stepping back in time with her by reading her "hell to healing" life story, Now I Lay Me Down To
Sleep: The Story of Sara

Like so many others', her life testimony proves that:

  • GOD IS LIVING AND INTIMATE in every aspect of our lives;
  • His principles are true and transforming;
  • His promises are REAL;
  • He is the ONLY WAY to wholeness and freedom of heart and mind, and the promise
    of eternal life;
  • He has a divine and distinctive purpose for YOU.

"Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any
God besides you
, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him."
Isaiah 64:4 NIV

"Our righteous acts are as filthy rags," God says in Isaiah 64:6 (NIV).
Therefore, Jen's ministry partnership with Christ cannot in any way glorify her.
She is simply a willing partner in ministry with Him, and empowered by His Spirit
to "do good works." Read more ...


Ministry Journey - A Distinctive Call of God

Jen's participation with Christ in ministry to others spans over 35
years. It points to His leading and her choice to follow and pro-
actively serve. Today she is privileged and blessed to serve
women's spiritual and emotional needs and enrichment.

  • Present
    "I'm so amazed and feel so blessed to be serving women of
    all ages and stages of life in their quest for spiritual and
    emotional growth and healing. "I love what Martin Luther said,

'There are only two days on my calendar: Today and that Day'.
He was speaking of the day we each will stand
before the judgment seat of Christ and give an
account of our every thought, decision,
and action, for Him and against Him."

"Just as I had had no plans or vision to write my autobiography (until God birthed
that in me), nor to give live presentations of my testimony, I had had no plans--
not even a thought--toward vocational ministry. The idea would have seemed totally
absurd and out-of-reach to me with my sordid history. Nor had I had any idea that
God would birth The Sara Ministry, nor prompt the development of Thrivers Recovery
and Support Groups and curriculum, and so much more... He miraculously opened
these doors after I had had truly committed my life to knowing Him and growing spiritually, and had simply chosen to follow the promptings of His Spirit in me .

"As I look back and see all that HE has done, by my simple choice to know Him
and follow Him, I'm blown away by who He has been and is in my daily life, and
who I've seen Him to be in the lives of countless others. He has proven that He
is ALIVE and that His Word is indeed "alive and active."

Presently serving women with Christ in the capacity of:

    • Chaplain-Minister dedicated to women's emotional and spiritual growth,
      healing, and enrichment (read more);
    • Trained Facilitator of Recovery & Support Groups, Personal Growth Groups,
      Bible Studies. and other small group forums;
    • Founder of The Sara Ministry, a non-denominational, Bible- rooted
      ministry dedicated to women's emotional and spiritual growth, healing,
      and enrichment;
    • Founder of Moms of Marines Support (M.O.M.S.), a branch ministry of The Sara
      Ministry, dedicated to nationally networking moms of U.S. Marines and Marine
      Recruits for mental, emotional, and spiritual support; .
    • Co-Founder of Olive To Oak Ministries, national small group retreat ministry
      for specific issues of moms, wives, and individual women in sponsorship with
      worship singer and song-writer, Elizabeth Fulgaro of Eagle's Nest Foundation;
    • Professional Writer, Book Editor, and Author serving on staff with
      Christian Editing Services/

Ministry Journey